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3 Technologies that Flourish with the Cloud

According to research from Ovum, 20 percent of business processes have already moved to the cloud. The cloud isn?t only an asset to your business; it?s become a requirement for driving efficiency and reducing costs. So, what are the next steps for cloud usage?

By combining innovative cloud technology with the latest trends, you can empower your business with the tools it needs to enhance operations and outperform the competition. When integrated with the cloud, these three technologies lower operating costs and make your life easier.

  1. IoE (Internet of Everything)
    Like its well-known cousin, the Internet of Things (IoT), IoE uses cloud computing and real-time data analytics to communicate with different machines and devices. With a focus on machine-to-machine communications, IoE has a general ?understanding? of how humans interact with everything in their environment ? from people to devices.
    As IoE develops, your customers can intelligently interact with every device within your network. You?ll gain greater insights into the relationships of consumers and how they view and purchase your products and services. You?ll gain visibility on which pages your customer views, which links they click and how many times they visit your site ? adding this information to a customer profile and giving you valuable insight into how they interact with your products. Innovative cloud technology makes IoE possible and leverages crucial information for your business.
  2. AI
    Automating processes is an easy way to reduce operating costs. By leveraging AI and big data, you?ll gain a holistic view of all your business functions. As the cloud continues to grow, system administrators are getting more time-consuming, repetitive tasks. Innovative cloud technology supports AI and automation to take over labor-intensive tasks ? including copying and extracting data.
    By automating simple tasks and preventing duplicate effort, you can eliminate unnecessary costs and improve efficiency. Plus, AI platforms ensure work is distributed evenly and support data governance to keep your business meeting compliance regulations.
  3. Containers
    Containers are influential development tools that scale and optimize ROI across multiple cloud environments. Developers can use these containers to extract information like code, configurations and dependences, and push it to production seamlessly and easily ? making deployment a breeze.
    Containers enable cloud resources to run in multiple settings, enhance data fabrics and improve mobility. When working with different cloud environments, containers make it easier to move data from one environment to another ? eliminating the restrictions of on-premises applications. For businesses using multi-cloud environments ? private, public or hybrid ? containers are critical for transferring information.

As the cloud becomes a necessity for business operations, the next steps are learning how to integrate other IT services to enhance your cloud solution. By combining the latest technologies with a solution designed to enhance workflow, you can improve your customers? experience and stand out from your competition. As your partner, we?ll integrate the latest trends into your strategic IT roadmap.

To learn how we can help implement the latest innovative cloud technologies to improve your business operations, contact us today.