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Structured Cabling Solutions

Support Future Growth Opportunities Today

The flexibility to change and grow depends on low maintenance cabling solutions.

Traditional systems create a jungle of wires and don’t have the capacity to carry ever-increasing data without sending costs out of control. If you’re looking to remodel an existing infrastructure or design a new one, ID-Tech Solutions is your go-to partner. We’ll design and install versatile, expandable, integrated and cost-effective systems that can adapt to your ever-changing needs.

ID-Tech’s structured cabling solutions streamline your entire IT network in a way traditional point-to-point systems never could. We create schematics of your current network infrastructure, as well as a proposed solution so you can clearly see how to make your network more secure. Count on our experts for all of your structured cabling needs, including network design and consulting, cable rewiring, data center cabling, installation of fiber-optic cables, compliance testing, system administration and more.

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What to Expect with

Structured Cabling Solutions from
ID-Tech Solutions

Lowered Expenses

Unify data, voice and video to lower maintenance costs and reduce the need for updates.

Expansion Opportunities

Benefit from high bandwidth to easily support any applications you may decide to add in the future.

Increased Flexibility

ID-Tech consolidates your wiring system into a single infrastructure that transfers data in multiple formats.

Simplified Management

We’ll administer and manage your solution and when changes need to be made, we’ll get it done fast.

Discover the impact of a flexible cabling infrastructure.

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